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Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that's resistant to strong chemicals and heat. Asbestos was also added to homes up until 1987 in Australia until it was made illegal to use nationwide. In Australian homes it can be found almost anywhere asbestosincluding places you might not even think.

For example:

  • In cement sheeting
  • Behind bathroom tiles
  • In corrugated roofing and
  • Under vinyl flooring and carpet

As a worker or a home owner, the hazard exist when making renovations or demolitions as this is what disturbs the asbestos particles and makes them air born. If the material is not disturbed, there is no risk to our health.
The spike of home renovation TV shows have sparked concern in Australian governments, prompting the huge amount of FAQ sheets and general information now available from each state and territory in Australia. Although the amount of asbestos related illnesses in Australian workforces is still too high, research has shown that there has been a dramatic decline in asbestos related illnesses from former manufacturing workers and builders in Australia. However, the research has also shown that there has been an increase in the amount of asbestos related illnesses due to home renovations.

It is safe to say, when at work or at home making renovations, if you are unsure if materials are asbestos or not, treat it as asbestos until you know otherwise.

Asbestos Awareness Week 

There is a huge amount of information available worldwide regarding asbestos related diseases, illnesses and safe removal of asbestos. For more information, follow the rite link to your state or territory below.

Asbestos Information Links 


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