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WHS for Administrators 

Law & Responsibilities

Good administration is really important to the health and safety of the workplace.To be an effective administrator, you need a sound grasp of the way the workplace health and safety (WHS) laws work, and how the different types of law affect the workplace. If there's a workplace accident or injury, you also need to know how workers compensation insurance claims are managed.

Workplace Hazards

While identifying hazards is critical to keeping safe at work, workplace safety depends on more than this. Every company must have workplace health and safety systems in place to control existing hazards and prevent future ones. Administrators play a vital role in any WHS system.

Consultation and Reporting

Consultation and reporting are vital elements in workplace health and safety. Administrators play a critical role in ensuring that the processes for these are in place and working effectively.


Whether you're responsible for reception, payroll, human resources or any other administrative tasks, it's critical that you take responsibility for following procedures and keeping the workplace safe.