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WHS for Management 

managementLaw & Responsibilities

As a manager, you must make sure that workplace health and safety (WHS) is integrated into your organisational management systems and practices. All employers have the same general duties of care under Section 19 of the Act. Each one has duty of care for the matters they have control of.

Workplace Hazards

Managers are responsible for ensuring hazards are controlled in their workplace. As a manager, you need to ensure that systems are in place to identify hazards, to prevent incidents occurring and to control any that arise.Managers also have responsibility for hazards related to the actions of their workers, visitors or subcontractors on various (all) worksites.

Consultation & Reporting

Consultation and reporting are vital to managers keeping on top of workplace health and safety in their workplace. A safe workplace is more easily achieved when employers and workers talk to each other about potential problems and work together to find solutions. That's why the law requires employers to consult workers on health and safety matters.