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About SafetyFirst

SafetyFirstLogo-GTAV JULY2012The Apprenticeship Employment Network (AEN) has a long history of working with our members to develop occupational / workplace health and safety resources, our SafetyFirst website provides a greater level of access to a range of workplace health and safety resources and services to support our members, apprentices and small business employers to ensure safety comes first.

In 2012, AEN have brought all of our existing resources together under the new name of SafetyFirst. This site has a range of information and products including:

Harmonised Australia

With the harmonisation of Australia's OHS laws, SafetyFirst has taken a positive approach to organising and keeping up to date with the latest Work Health and Safety news available. Gathering information from each state and territory and having that knowledge summarised on one site makes it even easier to understand where exactly we are as a country with the new Health and safety Legislation.