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Please contact the AEN office on 03 9639 3955 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are having any technical problems with our site.


Is there a yearly fee for the training software?

Yes there is. please contact our office for further information.

If I have a technical problem with the software who do I contact?

Contact us by our contacts page for technical assistance regarding our products and services (see terms and conditions). 

What is the difference in technical support regarding hosting my own Learning platform and SafetyFirst hosting my platform?

If SafetyFirst hosts your learning platform, using our I.T professionals we can manage any issues regarding your software and can fix the problem as fast as possible regarding the hosting platform. As part of the service we provide by hosting your system, SafetyFirst will set the software up to include your business logos and information to make it more personalised.

If you host your own system SafetyFirst will do all the initial setup, but once the system is running we prefer your own experts take responsibility for the softwares integration. 

Is help assistance available for the online learning?

Online assistance is avalible with our products. If you study the Certificate IV OHS/WHS you will be assigned a teacher to mark your work and help answer any questions and guide you along the way. Regarding our other training material our OHS proffecionals can be contacted by out contacts page

Who can I contact for further information regarding these services?

Contact SafetyFirst by our contacts page or ring our local call number located at the bottom of this page.

I am interested in one or more of these products but require more information. Where do I get this information?

Please leave you contact details by our contact page and one of our service professionals will get in contact you as soon as possible.

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